Making Your Home Beautiful

Thinking Inside The Box: How To Make Your Studio Apartment Feel Bigger

With average rent continuing to be high across the United States, many people are having to choose smaller or less-expensive apartments than they'd like to have. But even the smallest of apartments -- the humble studio apartment -- can feel like a proper home with the right attitude and style. 

Here are a few tips for making your studio feel larger and more comfortable than you might expect.

Let the Light Shine

Natural lighting and a neutral palette will help open up your studio flat. Remove heavy window coverings and blinds if possible, replacing them with opaque shades and sheers. Make sure all your lights work and consider switching to more natural lighting like full-spectrum bulbs. 

Once you've let as much light inside as you can, complement it with a neutral color palette. A light, single-color scheme throughout the whole space will help reflect natural light and tie the studio together. White can be a great base color since it reflects sunlight best, but you can also use pale pastels, tan or light gray. Work with an interior designer to determine the best way to utilize a pale color scheme and how to add pops of color to offset it. 

Create Your Own Rooms

If your studio doesn't come with existing rooms, you can still make some of your own. These "mini rooms" can help define the area and give it better functionality, especially when you have guests or need to relax. A small lounge can be created by simply placing two comfortable chairs together in a small nook or corner with a small bookshelf or removable writing desk. Set the space apart with an area rug to define it. Or separate the sleeping space from the living "room" by placing a loveseat or sofa back against the foot of the bed and nestling a table, lamp and another chair around it to create a cluster or grouping.

If you want to use room dividers, keep in mind that they may chop up the room in a way that makes it seem smaller. So be judicious about using them. As an alternative, try a more natural room divider like a row of large potted plants or a bookshelf (which has the advantage of adding storage too). 

Add Storage

Clever storage solutions will help hide the extra things you need to keep but don't necessarily want to leave out cluttering the place. Under-the-bed storage is the best place to begin, and many bed designs now offer raised beds with storage underneath or headboards with built-in storage as well. Floating shelves help add storage and places to put accessories without adding much of a visual footprint. You can even hide storage under furniture like tables and bathrooms by using stacking organizers and covering the furniture with draping to hide your secrets. 

Making the best of a small single-room apartment calls for creativity and working with the elements. By avoiding too much darkness, adding functionality and creating nests which act like rooms, you can have a fully-functional home you can enjoy for however long you hang your hat there.  An interior designer, like those at Nugent's Interiors & Upholstery Co., will be able to provide you with even more ideas for decorating your small space effectively.