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Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Child's Playroom

As most parents know, children can be very hard on carpeting. However, for a child's playroom, you also need to keep comfort in mind. Carpet is most comfortable for tiny knees to crawl on and tiny feet to walk on. Therefore, if you are installing carpet in your child's playroom, it is important to give some thought to what works best for both you and your child. These are some things to consider when choosing carpet for your child's favorite room in the home.

Carpeting Fibers 

Carpet is available in a variety of different fibers. The type of fiber a carpet is made of helps determine how soft and resilient it is. Nylon carpet is one of the best choices for a child's playroom. Nylon is very soft and flexible and bounces back to its original shape easily. It does not mat down and leave the carpet looking flat and worn in heavy traffic rooms.

If you are replacing the carpet in the playroom in a few years, polyester carpet is fine for a playroom. Polyester carpeting is soft and comfortable, but may mat down after a few years. However, it is also one of the less expensive types of carpeting so replacing it later will not make a huge dent in your wallet.

Carpeting Styles 

There are many different styles of carpet to choose from. These include plush, looped, twisted, cut pile, and mixtures. The carpet style plays a huge factor in how soft it is and how well spills can be cleaned up and stains can be hidden. Two of the best styles of carpet for a child's playroom are frieze and sculptured mix.

Frieze carpeting is made of twisted fibers and it wears well, hides stains, and is very comfortable to walk and crawl on. Sculptured mix carpet is made of both loops and cut pile fibers. This carpeting also wears very well and hides stains because it is a combination of two different colors.

Carpet Colors 

You should also give some consideration to the color of carpet that is installed in your child's playroom. A medium solid color is best in a room that may have numerous spills over time. Light colored carpets will begin to show stains quickly. Dark colored carpets make even tiny pieces of lint or food crumbs much more visible.

It is best to choose medium shades of brown, gray, blue, or green so the carpet will look cleaner longer. Patterns that have a mix of several colors are also a great choice for a child's play room.

If you want to use the same carpeting for several years, you will also need to have it treated with professional stain resisters. This makes cleaning up spills much easier and helps prevent stains from setting in. See this website for more information.