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Grand Design: How To Create Your Own Photo Gallery Wall Without Breaking The Bank

When you think about a gallery wall, you may imagine a lovely wall that showcases expensive art pieces that cost a small fortune. However, you can create a gallery wall that will make a dramatic presentation in your home for a minimal cost. It's fun, easy, and your finished wall will reflect the things you love most.

Choose a wall

The great thing about making a gallery wall is you don't need a lot of wall space. Most any wall will work fine. However, you should avoid a wall that gets a lot of natural sunlight, as it could fade your photos over time. A wall directly across from the entryway is a good choice if you want your gallery wall to be the focal point of your room.

Choose a theme

Are you a proud grandparent? You may wish to make a wall dedicated to your grandchild's photos and art pieces. If you are a parent, a gallery wall is a perfect place to display your kid's best drawings and paintings. Crazy about pets? Why not make a gallery wall for your furry friends?

If you love photography, you can create a gallery wall to highlight your best shots. An antique collector can design a gallery wall by taking photos of their collection to display. No matter what your hobby is, you can decorate a wall to reflect your passion.  

Choose your photos and accent pieces

When it comes to choosing photos for your gallery wall, you don't always have to pick the best photos. Focus instead on photos that have sentimental value. Select photos in different sizes. For a dramatic look, you may want to have your photos printed in black and white.

Keep accent pieces to a minimum. You want the photos to be the focus of your gallery wall. A small candle sconce, a swag, or word art can add a nice dimension to your wall, but don't go overboard.

Choose your frames

Measure all your photos, drawings, and paintings to make sure you purchase the correct sizes of frames. Choose wall frames in a style that complements the overall decorating theme of the room. Wall frames are available in a wide variety of styles from rustic to contemporary.

You should also consider the color of your wall. Dark frames will work best against light walls. It's best to use lighter colors against dark walls. You should also vary the shapes of the wall frames. Choose oval, square, and rectangle to create good eye appeal.

Choose an arrangement

Once your photos are framed, enlist the help of a friend to position the various pictures and accent pieces on your wall so you focus on how you want your wall to look. There is no right or wrong way to design your wall. Take time to experiment with different options before you fasten the frames to the wall.

Once your frames are in place, it will be easy to swap out the photos and art in the future, if desired, to create an updated look or to focus on a new theme.

Why spend a fortune on a gallery wall when you can use your own photos to achieve the same lovely result? Not only will your wall look beautiful, it will also have sentimental value and be a unique reflection of you and the things you love.