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Window Treatments Of The Summer Months: How Can You Reduce The Heat?

An air conditioner alone can't beat the heat during extreme weather. If you're seeing your electricity bill rise and rise, you may be wondering what you have to do to reduce your electricity costs. It may be as simple as investing in different window treatments.

Anti-UV Window Films

Anti-UV window films are designed to bounce UV rays out of your home, which also has the side effect of reducing heat. Reflective films are often still visible from the inside but create a mildly mirror finish on the outside, thereby also improving upon your privacy.

Light-Colored Drapes

The last thing you want during the summer months are black drapes. Black or dark-colored drapes will absorb the heat. Even though black-out drapes won't be letting the light in, they'll still be bringing some of the heat in. You want light-colored black-out drapes during the summer months, as they will be able to reflect both light and heat.

Insulating Blinds

Insulating blinds have pockets of air inside of them, which make it difficult for them to transfer energy. In both hot and cool weather, these insulating blinds will protect the temperature of your home, ultimately making it so that your home remains cooler for longer.

Wood Blinds

According to Classic Curtains & Interiors wood blinds can be useful in any season. If you want to reduce the heat, closed wood blinds are going to insulate your home from it. If you want to let in fresh air during the cooler evenings, wood blinds can be opened up and the wind can be directed. If you're putting in permanent window treatments, you want to get something that will be suitable all seasons; wood blinds are one of the most versatile choices. 

The Best Habits

In addition to changing up your window treatments, you also want to keep them closed throughout the warmer periods. Ideally, you should be blocking out as much light as possible. The more natural light that gets into your home, the hotter it's going to be.

Of course, if your window treatments aren't properly insulated, they are going to be absorbing much of this energy. Habits need to work hand-in-hand with the right window treatments. 

There are many window treatments that are specifically designed to block light and reflect heat. You can find out more by going down to your local window treatment gallery. There you'll be able to find something that's both stylish and functional.