Tips For Incorporating Popular 2019 Interior Design Trends

Each year there are changes in interior design trends, but jumping on the bandwagon is not always the right idea, especially if you make a significant investment only for your pieces to become outdated months later. There are simple ways to adopt the latest trends that may continue to stand the test of time. Mixed Metals Mixing different types of metals can help you achieve a modern or classic look, or even a nice hybrid of both.

Custom Drapery Styles

If you're looking to change up the look of a room without using paint or buying new furniture, consider updating your draperies. Custom draperies will become the focal point of any space, and tie the overall look and style of a room together.  Not only do window coverings allow you to choose how much light you want to allow into a room, they also add a decorative touch. When picking the ideal drapes for your home, either pick a color or pattern that coordinates with the decor theme, or stick with a classic neutral hue that will seamlessly blend with everything.