Window Treatments Of The Summer Months: How Can You Reduce The Heat?

An air conditioner alone can't beat the heat during extreme weather. If you're seeing your electricity bill rise and rise, you may be wondering what you have to do to reduce your electricity costs. It may be as simple as investing in different window treatments. Anti-UV Window Films Anti-UV window films are designed to bounce UV rays out of your home, which also has the side effect of reducing heat. Reflective films are often still visible from the inside but create a mildly mirror finish on the outside, thereby also improving upon your privacy.

Grand Design: How To Create Your Own Photo Gallery Wall Without Breaking The Bank

When you think about a gallery wall, you may imagine a lovely wall that showcases expensive art pieces that cost a small fortune. However, you can create a gallery wall that will make a dramatic presentation in your home for a minimal cost. It's fun, easy, and your finished wall will reflect the things you love most. Choose a wall The great thing about making a gallery wall is you don't need a lot of wall space.